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Go Greek!! :) One of my absolute favorite Lilly patterns.

Go Greek!! :) One of my absolute favorite Lilly patterns.

Added an “About the Blogger” Link.

Check it out if your interested in how the page works, why I post what I post, or who I am! :)

Wow! 200+ followers in just one week!

You girls are awesome!! :)

I’d like to share with everyone a little bit about myself - so you can better understand how this blog works (what’s posted, why it’s posted, etc).

I am no longer a collegiate sorority member - I graduated in 2010 from a university in the Southeast. I spent four years in a sorority that I was absolutely in love with and for three of those years served as their IT Chair (among various other positions). So, as you can imagine, once I graduated, I began to miss making my girly designs, and creating fun little images for my sisters.

I decided to start this blog, in part, because I just LOVE all of Lilly Pulitzer’s sorority prints (and I wanted an excuse to put them to use) ;) — but, ALSO because I think Greek Life is so important for college women to experience. But with every chapter of every sorority being so very different from the next - it’s hard for me to limit my designs to just one organization.

While I love my sorority, and encourage women everywhere to consider it while rushing - I recognize that every girl has different needs and hopes for her future sisterhood. I understand that my specific chapter of my sorority was so special to me because it was MY perfect fit. I know that it can’t be everyone else’s too.

I make these graphics because I know they’re a great recruitment tool. We plaster our favorite mottos and pictures all over our Facebooks, our Twitters and tumblrs because we know people will see them. We know that the girls rushing sororities stalk us as much as we stalk them. They’re looking for what makes us special; what makes us bond. Now, of course, I’m not suggesting that graphics are what make sisterhood special. No, of course not. But it certainly can’t hurt to have adorable sorority bling all over your social networking sites, too!

So, please, use these images. Post them everywhere! I do request that (since I don’t plaster my name all over my images) that you link back to me - you know, a simple “from gonegreek.tumblr!” would be just fine. :)

As far as why I post what I post goes… I am not partial to any particular sorority when it comes to graphics - in fact, I’m a little tired of making graphics for my own sorority. :P I went to a school with only FIVE sororities so I truly don’t know a lot about many of the organizations. If I’m not posting as much as you’d like to see from your sorority - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me a message! Tell me what you want to see! I’m making images for 25+ organizations, and it’s hard for me to keep track of what I’ve done and what I haven’t done.

As far as grudges and sorority rivalries go. I don’t do them. If you’re not seeing your sorority on this page, it’s not because “I hate you.” As I stated a moment ago - I went to a school with five sororities. There are only for potential groups I even CAN “hate,” and I don’t. I had best friends in each organization - and I’m more than happy to help out my favorite girls.

Long story short: If you’re dying to see your sorority up here, send me a message (and please, be nice - I could VERY WELL be a member of the same sorority you’re from). And, really, when it comes down to it - we’re all promoting the same thing here: Sisterhood. Bonds. Lifelong friendship. Shouldn’t we all be encouraging and supporting each other anyway? What you can’t provide for one girl, somebody else certainly can. Be happy for that individual that she was able to find what you have, regardless of where she found it.

And that’s my two cents. Panhellenic love, y’all!

Visit our 'Find your Sorority' page to view more on your specific sorority. And please submit anything and everything you're proud to have represent you! Additionally - feel free to share these images with ALL of your friends, but be sure to CREDIT please, please, please! Thanks!